Patient Comfort

Commitment to Your Comfort

At Your Dentistry, we provide many amenities to help ensure your visits are comfortable and stress-free, including:

Bose Noise Canceling Headphones – For patients who do not like the noises associated with a dental office, we provide Bose noise canceling headphones. The headphones virtually eliminate all outside noise to make your appointment comfortable and stress free.

Warm Blankets – The dental office always seems to be a cold place. To remedy that, we provide our patients with soft warm blankets to make them cozy and warm during their appointments.

Comfy cushions for head and legs. – We know the dental chair can be uncomfortable, especially for anything other than routine appointments. That is why all of our dental chair headrests are fitted with memory foam cushions – they truly make a difference in comfort during appointments! We also have cushions available for your legs.

Advanced Dental Technology – We use the latest dental technologies to provide you with faster, more efficient service and helps ensure your overall comfort.

Sedation Dentistry – With training from the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation, Dr. Cascino is qualified to provide sedation dentistry techniques that help patients who feel anxious or worried about dental treatment. The medications he uses put patients into a deeply relaxed, comfortable state of mind as treatment takes place.

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