Children’s Dentistry in Countryside & Indian Head, IL

Healthy teeth start at a young age, when proper oral health habits are formed in the first years of life. Whether baby, infant or teenager, you can help your child maintain proper oral health habits now that can save them from uncomfortable, costly treatments in the future. Keep your little ones smiling beautifully with regular dental visits designed just for them! These visits are created to provide a relaxing yet interactive and fun experience, taking the stress out of visiting the dentist and educating your child on proper oral health habits — all in one shot!

What Dentistry Services Do We Offer for Your Child?

“Baby and Me” Dental Visits

As recommended by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, your child’s first dental visit should take place six months after their first tooth emerges, or by the age of 1 at the latest. When you bring your baby in for their first visit to our practice, we will provide a gentle yet thorough examination of their gums and any teeth present. We will use this time to educate you and provide you with home care tips that will ensure your baby’s sound oral health. A “baby and me” visit is non-invasive and does not require any X-rays.

Child-friendly Visits

We provide regular check-ups for children to ensure for the healthy development of their teeth and gums, prevent oral health problems from starting and diagnose dental issues as early as possible (before more in-depth treatment is needed). These exams are stress-free and relaxed; our dentists engage the child by answering their questions and providing a hands-on tutorial on how your child can brush and floss properly. Your child will be able to go through the motions of brushing and flossing, often with the use of fun, kid-friendly toothbrushes and other props used to make the experience as enjoyable as possible. It is recommended that children have dental visits every six months.

Dental Cleanings

Regular dental cleanings should begin when your child is one year old. These cleanings are often performed during a child’s routine dental exam. A dental cleaning will protect your child’s teeth by removing buildups of plaque, tartar and any stains or discoloration. Our children’s dental cleaning process uses a soft, electric toothbrush and a special, non-abrasive toothpaste. A fluoride treatment may also be used in conjunction with your child’s cleaning, to further reduce the risk of tooth decay.

Child-Friendly Dental Treatments

Depending on the child’s age and his or her dental needs, we offer a variety of treatments to address oral health issues.

Dental fillings, made of composite resin (which matches the color of your child’s natural teeth) are used to fill cavities caused by tooth decay.

Dental sealants, which cover the grooves (chewing surface) of your child’s tooth or teeth, may also be used to protect teeth from tooth decay.

Dental injury care may be needed if a child experiences trauma to the mouth, such as during an accident or while playing sports. A mouth injury may cause tooth loss, broken or chipped teeth or teeth that shift inside the mouth. Any number of treatments may be recommended to repair or replace your child’s teeth, including dental bonding, crowns and root canal treatment.

Tooth extraction may be required when a tooth is damaged or broken beyond repair.

Dental treatments to align teeth/correct an improper bite are offered for children’s care, and may include metal braces or teeth aligner trays.

Schedule an Appointment for Your Child’s Smile

Our practice provides comprehensive dental care for children of all ages. We specialize in providing an environment where they feel safe and relaxed. To schedule an appointment for you and your child, call our practice today.